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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Top online freelancing sites

Turn your skills into profit

Top Paying sites where you can work for free

work as a freelancer

Due to the development of technology the life becomes more easy and effective, now you can work in home and paid in home online using your computer.

But the life of a man is getting more busier with the passage of time.

People are finding ways for acquiring more facilities and utilities, some time they are not be able to work by themselves so they hire others to do their work.

There are lots of online websites which are working as a platform where the job seekers are hired according to their skills.

These sites having several categories for their workers i.e Data Entry, Article Writing, Creative writing and many more.

When their skills match with the requirements of buyers they could be hired.

They introduce their sellers to the potential buyers when they ask some special work which required skills they want.

It is called freelancing business.

I have worked on many beneficial and trusted sites and earn huge income by doing writing and translating jobs and i also did data entry work.

I think it is a better work comparing it to other online jobs, but it will be useful only when you have some skills.

I will show you only those sites where i worked or still i am working.


This a most trusted and best paying platform where a seller do every work in which he has a good experience, he presents his best skills for 5$.

There are numbers of buyers who find the sellers for completing their work daily. provides its members a platform for representing their skills is called Gig.

Sellers create Gigs for showing their skills they add their skills and describe the services which they want to sale.

This a view of Fiver you can see the above categories of skills and below the top business services.
Make money using skills
Over view of  Fiver
It is all free of cost they do not charge any fee of joining you attempted your work and did it honestly you will be hired continuously.
It is a best way to make money online If you have any Question please select the option help from the side bar your answer should be there, if you do not find any solution then write a comment or contact me on Facebook

See my profile here.... :)

2  PPH.

This is the most trusted and great site they provide work same like a fiver, you just have to create your skill profile they called it HOURLIE, they will promote it and you will get hired soon as well as possible, you will be paid hourly after completing your work.
You will get paid which you demand and set your selling rate, it is a difference between fiver and PPH.
They also do not charge any fee.
You can do there online writing jobs, Typing work from home, Translating work, web-designing etc 

You must have to complete this process to work as a freelancer
like shown in this screenshot.
Top paying freelancing sites
work at PPH

Click here for free registration

3 Odesk :


High quality platform with great opportunities of making money online. It requires some test in start. Once you passed you will qualified for doing your favorite work.
I used to work here when i was new on this business and i earned enough money using my skills here.
I found many interesting jobs according to my skills here.

You will find here many more jobs by completing multiple test which will increase your capability for working. 

If you are a content writer or web designer or a translator, it is a best platform for you to use your skills for earning money.

It is great freelancing site and my favorite too because I started my online work from this platform.

It provides high paying jobs for beginners to professionals with client and employees from all around the world.

You will find here several low budget jobs too but you will not disappointed to work here.

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