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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

New PTC Site

The upcoming new PTC website

Golden opportunity to make money online for free. 
It is claiming to be better than Paidverts and newbux which is considered as a Kings of PTC.
PTCEVO claims to provide some unique features which is not found in paidverts as well as in newbux.

It's admin David promised to give more ways to earn money online such as clicking daily ads, mini Jobs, buying lottery, betting on football, playing games and purchasing shares of PTCevo.
He is offering that he will allow his members to play games with each other’s unlike the Paidverts the chance of winning will be depended upon member's skills not only on his luck.
He is Launching his site on 20/01/2015.
They are rewarding premium membership to their first 600 members, so please hurry and join this unique PTC website.
After Digadz it is the first website which is claiming to be best of PTC.

Register here and get the chance of wining 150$

Register here and get the chance of wining 150$

Joinnow. 600 premium accounts for new members500$ Price for opening referral contest

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