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Thursday, December 4, 2014

How to Earn free Bitcoins Daily

How to Earn free Bitcoins daily 

Make money with Bitcoins
Earn free Bitcoins free

Great opportunity for online job seekers, students and house wives.
Now you can get enough income working at your home.

Getting started: 

Today i am showing you the best online Job is called make money with Bitcoin, it is an easy work which required no skill just an internet connection and a PC can change your life :)
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  1: What is bitcoin ?

It is a new payment system & it is a complete digital currency.
Its price is now growing up everyday, so if you earn free bitcoins daily you will have 358$ soon.
Later you can convert them into your currency.
Earn bitcoin and exchange them with your currency
Yes it is possible to earn free BTC daily by working 3 hour daily, i am sure you will be able to put them into your wallet.
So why are you waiting so long as Bitcoin's price is going up each and every day. currently it's valued at 358$

How you can earn free Bitcoins daily.

Get a wallet:

you must have a wallet for Bitcoin collection. It is a same as Bank account where you will collect and transfer your money. 
Don't forget to make a wallet on this site shown as bellow.

What will you do for making a valid wallet?

1. You must have a valid email, by clicking the link you will be redirect soon to the wallet site where you can get valid registration for your wallet, once you get the wallet you will be ready for work.

Now it is the time of earning one BTC daily by working 2 to 3 hour daily.

It is a Perfect method to get Bitcoin for free

It is a simple work like a PTC,  I am providing you a list, you must visit all sites if you want to earn one BTC daily.
It may take a few hour but it is trusted and beneficial business.
Now please visit below links and open them individually, every site will ask you to input your wallet address and write captchas as given when you will complete the process you will rewarded some satoshis, it is like the cents of one BTC.

Get bitcoins:

List of Sites:
Note: If you have ad-blocker enabled in your browser please turn it off.
If you have enabled ad-blocker some sites may show the error like this
work online and get money
ad-blocker enabled error at bitcoin sites

Open these links they will automatically redirect you after a few second to the site.
you will see all sites like this
Earn one Bitcoin a day easily
Earn free Bitcoin online

You will have to put your BITCOIN address and write captcha words in other box as shown in the screenshot.
After filling both box press button Get a reward if you completed rightly this message will be shown

its mean you have been successfully rewarded by the site then close it and open an other.
Note: You must visit all sites listed below to be rewarded.

I am sure if you are sincere hard worker and confident, you will never be frustrated .
I am here to insure you if you have any doubt, you have the way of research, you can investigate and research, you will be forced to join our business as you will found the truth.

Note : Some sites may ask you registration Just fill the short form and get registered.
some sites may ask you to surf more they will pay you for every visit when you surf on behalf of them.
Some new faucets are added here bellow

1. Click here & Earn New!

96 Sites to earn free Bitcoins

21: Click here & Earn

22: Click here & Earn

23: Click here & Earn

24: Click here & Earn

25: Click here & Earn

26: Click here & Earn

27: Click here & Earn

28: Click here & Earn

29: Click here & Earn

30: Click here & Earn

31: Click here & Earn

32: Click here & Earn

33: Click here & Earn

34: Click here & Earn

35: Click here & Earn

36: Click here & Earn

37: Click here & Earn

38: Click here & Earn

39: Click here & Earn

40: Click here & Earn

41: Click here & Earn

42: Click here & Earn

43: Click here & Earn

44: Click here & Earn

45: Click here & Earn

46: Click here & Earn

47: Click here & Earn

48: Click here & Earn

49: Click here & Earn

50: Click here & Earn

51: Click here & Earn

52: Click here & Earn

53: Click here & Earn

54: Click here & Earn

55: Click here & Earn

56: Click here & Earn

57: Click here & Earn

58: Click here & Earn

59: Click here & Earn

60: Click here & Earn

61: Click here & Earn

62: Click here & Earn

63: Click here & Earn

64: Click here & Earn

65: Click here & Earn

66: Click here & Earn

67: Click here & Earn

68: Click here & Earn

69: Click here & Earn

70: Click here & Earn

71: Click here & Earn

72: Click here & Earn

73: Click here & Earn

74: Click here & Earn

75: Click here & Earn

76: Click here & Earn

77: Click here & Earn

78: Click here & Earn

79: Click here & Earn

80: Click here & Earn

81: Click here & Earn

82: Click here & Earn

83: Click here & Earn

84: Click here & Earn

85: Click here & Earn

86: Click here & Earn

87: Click here & Earn

88: Click here & Earn

89: Click here & Earn

90: Click here & Earn

92: Click here & Earn

93: Click here & Earn

94: Click here & Earn

95: Click here & Earn

96: Click here & Earn

97: Click here & Earn

98: Click here & Earn

I am adding more sites which pays for completing easy tasks mini offers and watching videos.

1 Click here to earn

2 Top Earning new Bitcoin Site Click here

3 Click here & Earn

4 BTC best site Click here and Earn

5 Good Bitcoin site

6 Click here & Earn

Drop me a comment if you have any problem or if any link is not working please tell me...

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    1. Yes i am adding more sites which pays bitcoins for completing tasks and watching videos,

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