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Monday, December 29, 2014

Get paid for solving captchas

Make Money by solving captchas

Another way of making money online to solve captchas. It is a kind of Online Data Entry work.

It is all free of cost, without any registration fee.

It requires a good skill of typing and reading.

There are many sites providing captcha solutions, with different rates of paying. It is a hard job but not for qualified person.

You can earn 5.00$ by working two hours daily and if you work daily you can earn up to 200 dollars easily per month.

I worked on many sites and I preferred night for working because the rate were usually becoming high after 11.00 pm.

This is an easy work for high speed Typists that earns some extra pocket money for you.

The Rate may be changed by the changing of server's time. Often it is high as 1.00$ per 1000 solved captcha images and low as 0.45 per thousand solved images. 

How much you earn depends on the amount of work that you do. The average rate of earning is between 100$ to 250$ per month.
The payment rate starts usually from 0.45$ and go as high as up to 1.50$ per 1000 solved images.

This work is best for parents staying in home, students seeking part time job and people need a second income.

It may be hard for you to work on starting, don't be frustrated , work regularly with your interest and concentrate on your goal it will become easy and joyful!

It should be done as a part time work, do it only for tow hour but continuously, it may earn up to 200$ per month.

Well I am sharing here some trusted and best paying websites.

This site has best captcha solving program, it pays different per valid captcha entry depending on its bid.
You can earn extra commission by inviting your friends, it has simple rules and easy for working. If you build a team under you referral link you will get paid 10% of commission after their work.

This site has unique features which cannot be found in any other captcha entry site.
This is new and best high paying website.
Payment will be made after 1.00$ through Paypal.


2. ProTypers:

It is a good site and has a high rate of paying. You must read their rules before you start a work. Sometime they require additional ways of typing for example the ask you to write same as it is seen in image. Work carefully by following their rules, you will earn up to 250$ per month.
You will see there a chart of hours than you should select high rate hours for working.
Online Data entry jobs
Data entry work

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